LEAP into your next step. 
Foot Workshop with Laura Hames Franklin
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It starts in your feet! In this 4 hour highly interactive workshop, we’ll be diving into your foundational support structures - your feet!

We'll explore the power of our feet, how to increase flexibility, strenthy and stability, and then how this translates to life - aka taking leaps in life and steps closer to our dreams and visions!  

 After you've experienced this Workshop, you'll feel clear, focused, and ready to leap into the new year and access your greatest potential.

This workshop is going to be super fun, interactive, and you'll leave with a handful of new tools you can implement right away.  

Whether you're there live in person, viritually or participating via the replay it is JUST as powerful as being there live and your results will prove it. 
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"That was an amazing workshop! I feel so calm and at peace. The more I move and dive into embodiment, the more I become aware of the infinite beauty of my own body. I'm literally falling in looove with my body and with myself!!"
-Anna LaRoche
Of all the books I've read, meditations I've sat through, teachers I've listened to, journals I've written in, and healers I've been touched by, no one has helped me feel more than Laura. The web of body and galaxy and cells is unlike anything I've ever experienced. She helped me awaken my cells and my body, and feel the difference between "getting by" and truly LIVING - Michelle Kabler
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